About Us

CH. Chhabil Dass Public School Ghaziabad

Our Story

*An understanding and appreciation of India's’ rich culture.
*A sense of integrity, ethics and honesty.
*A strong secular ethos.
*Leadership with a sense of teamwork and fair play.
*An awareness of the environment.
* A concern for the less fortunate.
* A concern for human rights and democratic values.
* A questioning mind and a spirit of adventure.

What Our Students Have to Say

A school does not just give you knowledge , but educates and empowers you to apply the knowledge appropriately. CCDPS
has helped me realise what I am passionate about & my teachers have always given me excellent advice. The best feature of this school is that it values the opinion of each and every student . The school has a perfect mix of scholastic and co-scholastic activities which further enhances the all-round personality of children. I discovered my love for speaking by participating in all the wonderful debates and speeches organised by the school. Today I feel a great sense of pride when I say I am a student of Ch. Chhabil Dass Public School as it has moulded me into a better person.
I have spent the most amazing eleven years of my life in this school. The bond that we share with our teachers is unique in itself and this is what makes my school different from other schools. All the teachers of my school are always on their toes and put their heart and soul into everything. They guide us in the best possible manner and always help us in finding our hidden talents. For instance, many a time I knew the answers of questions being asked in the class but never had the courage to respond in front of all. But, once I was selected as the anchor in the school Annual Day and here I am so confident, so positive about my possibilities. Thank you CCDPS for everything.
Nikita Mathur
I like CCDPS....this is my school and I love each and everything about it. Here, all the teachers are very experienced and they give their hundred percent in solving queries of all the students. I have been studying here for the last 6 years and now the entire school has become just like my family. Each and every moment spent here is just like a memory for me which I will cherish throughout my life.Not just academics, the school focuses on moral and ethical values also. I am really fortunate and very proud to be a part of this wonderful school.
It has been a marvelous journey to be in this school for about 14 years. I'm grateful to this school for everything. In the process of acquiring knowledge I began to know myself better than anyone else. Life is full of phases and CCDPS will always remain the best ones.

Tanishka Agarwal